Welcome to Temptation

Population 2,158. And falling.

Sophie came to Temptation, Ohio to help her sister make a movie. Now she’s making trouble for the town council, love with the mayor, and lemonade for a murderer.

All Sophie Dempsey wants to do is help her sister make a video of a washed-up actress and get out of town before they get into trouble. The daughter of generations of con men, Sophie’s trying to walk the straight and narrow, but it’s, well, difficult.

All Mayor Phineas Tucker wants to do is run Temptation with as little fuss as possible and win his upcoming election without cutting into the time he needs for his real passion: playing pool. The son of generations of mayors, Phin’s trying to be an upstanding citizen, but it’s, well, boring.

It only takes one look before Sophie knows that Phin’s the kind of boy her mother used to warn her about– a fast-talking town boy– and Phin knows she’s the kind of woman his father told him to stay away from– the devil’s candy.

And in no time at all, boredom is the least of their difficulties. Gossip, adultery, and blackmail; pornography, politics, and murder; vehicular abuse of a corpse and slightly perverse but really excellent sex: all hell is breaking loose in Temptation, Ohio, while Sophie and Phin fall deeper and deeper in trouble… and in love.

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A New York Times Bestseller
One of RWA’s Top Ten Romances of 2000
One of Amazon.com’s Top Ten Romances of 2000
A Literary Guild / Doubleday Book Club Featured Alternate Selection

“On the very outside chance that we might play again, you should know that pool is the closest thing I have to a religion. Don’t ever throw a game with me again.”

Welcome to Temptation by Jenny Crusie

Praise and Reviews

“[A] saucy feminist romp… Crusie charms with her brisk, edgy style, and the repartee between Sophie and Phin keeps energy and sexual tension high. A romantic comedy that adds luster to the genre, this effervescent tale witll please readers who can relate to Sophie’s undaunted exploration of all her desires.” ~Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“Crusie seems to have perfected the fan-delighting art of erotic, comic, and yet homey sex, with the understanding that the head-banging sex is made possible by that head-banging other word: love… With her third seriously pleasing hardcover–bright, funny, sexy, and wise–it’s time to welcome Crusie into the pantheon of top-flight romance writers.” ~Kirkus Reviews

“Crusie blends a combination of likable characters, gossipy small-town life, and a convoluted plot spiced with some steamy sexual situations into a highly entertaining read. Crusie’s previous novels are notable for merging a seemingly endless supply of secondary characters with outlandish situations and very funny dialog. This offering is no exception.” ~Library Journal

“Funny and inventive, this is sure to please Crusie’s enthusiastic fans and attract new converts.” ~Booklist

“Crazy, funny, and sexy… I was thoroughly charmed all the way through this quirky tale.” ~Rendevous