Reader FAQs

Do you have a mailing list?
Yep. Check out the homepage for the sign up form. I’ll send notice of new book releases, and sometimes (not often) a sale worth shouting about, and your info will be kept private – never shared, sold etc. Really. We’re good people.

How do you pick your book tour cities?
I don’t pick, St. Martin’s picks. And they’re always cities that are generally considered “book towns” so that people will actually come to the booksignings, and the booksignings are almost always in New York Times reporting stores. And right now, there are no book releases in the foreseeable future so I’m not touring at all.

How do I find information about your next book that is coming out?
The day I finish a book, I will shout it from the mountaintops.  Also, it’ll be on the front page of this website and on my blog,

Why don’t you write faster?
Because I’m a slow writer. Basically, I have to write the first draft to see what the story is, then I have to analyze the structure to see how to tell it best, then I have to analyze to see what it really means so I can layer the motifs and metaphors and theme throughout the plot and subplots, then I have to send it to the beta readers to see what I missed and rewrite it again, then I have to send it to my editor and rewrite it again.  At the that the chaos my life has been in for the past several years, and the books are taking a long, long time.

Will you ever write sequels?

Books about supporting characters (Amy, Eve or Liza)?Depends on the character. Amy, no. You know what happened to her. It’s pretty much implicit at the end of WTT and then fleshed out in Faking It. Liza, no. You know what happened to her. It’s in the last chapter of Bet Me. Eve. I love Eve, but  I’m more intrigued by Nadine and Alice and possible Dillie, and I’ve talked with my editor about writing Stealing Nadine and Haunting Alice so they might happen.

Are they ever going to make a movie or TV show based on one of your books?

Hard to say. They get optioned all the time but I think they’re really difficult to adapt. Plus it’s very difficult to get any movie made. Basically, my philosophy on movie options is “Take the money and run.”

Why do you choose to write about different characters for each book?

I have a very short attention span. Also, I think a great book is about the most important moment in a character’s life. So the next book would be about the second most important moment, and then the third book…Do you think you’ll ever write a series?I’m working on a limited series now, four books that take place in one year in the life of Liz Danger, a ghost writer who goes back to her small Ohio hometown where trouble ensues. The first one is Lavender’s Blue.

Do you adapt events/people/animals from your life into your books?
Animals, sometimes. Some of my dogs and cats have been in books. People are harder because once they’re in the book they become characters on their own. Events, not so much. I’ve used snatches of overheard conversations, that kind of thing, but not events from my own life. Not enough distance. Using real life people and events limits you too much. You want the characters to breathe in and become their own people, the events to grow out of the people they become. So real life can inspire, but you don’t want to imitate it.
Have you ever met/known men like the heroes in your books?
Sure. There are a lot of great men out there. If you’re asking me if the men in my books are based on real men, no (see answer to question above) unless you’re talking about the men in the collaborative books with Bob Mayer. The heroes in the Crusie/Mayer books sound a lot like Bob.

What types of books do you enjoy reading?
Good ones. I know, annoying answer, but I pretty much read across genres.

What is your favorite book of all time? Favorite author of all time?
Can’t do it. There’s not just one. Some of my faves are Georgette Heyer, Terry Pratchett, Emily Bronte, Jane Austen, Joss Whedon (his scripts and comics), Michael Gilbert, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Pat Gaffney, Anne Stuart, Lani Diane Rich, Bob Mayer…it’s just too hard to pick one.

Who are your favorite contemporary authors? What authors do you recommend?
There are so, so many. My favorite comfort read right now is Terry Pratchett. I love the Discworld, especially the Watch and the Death books. I want to BE Susan. There, you want my favorite character in fiction? Susan Sto-Helit.

There are several pages missing from my book, what should I do?
Take it back to the bookseller and ask for a new copy.
There are typos and/or grammatical errors in my book, where should I send my complaint? Corrections?
Well, the book’s in print, so I don’t suppose you’d settle for just feeling intellectually and morally superior? No, I didn’t think so. Write to St. Martin’s Press.
Where can I purchase your older books?
Since all the publishers have them all back in print now, pretty much anyplace online.