Popcorn Dialogues


Popcorn Dialogues was a 2010 project that Lani Diane Rich and Jenny worked on, watching one romantic comedy a week and analyzing it in a podcast to see what they could learn from it.  In nine months they went in chronological order  from It Happened One Night to Enchanted  and learned that while the RomCom Run might be a standard, the Big Misunderstanding is death to any plot.
The program continued in other genres, all of them focused on learning how to write better stories.  The program is finished, but there’s a wealth of information over there in the archives, along with the chance to hear Jenny and Lani laugh a lot.

PopD Table of Contents:
• Romantic Comedy History Survey (Depression Era, Postwar Prosperity, the Cold War, and Civil Rights, Women’s Liberation and the Counterculture Revolution, The Me Generation: Corporations, Computers, and Condoms, The Intertubes and Irrational Exuberance, and The Interwebs and Irrational Governance)
• Hitmen In Love
• Guy Comedy
• Heists and Capers
• Writing Communities
• Mystery Series (Classic Mysteries, Noir, Romantic Mysteries, Comedic Mysteries)
• Bonus Episodes